One World Clean World Green World


To Maintain the campus clean.

Activities and Programs:
  • Club inauguration.
  • Selecting secretary and joint secretary.
  • Planning out for whole year.
  • Dividing students into groups and appointing leaders for each group.
  • The groups are allotted places to guide the students and check the cleanliness of the places.
  • Preparing a report based on the checking done in various places.
  • Places that need more concentration on cleanliness are identified.
  • The best group was allotted the area that needs more attention.
  • cleanliness was monitored through out the month.
  • groups were allotted to make a note of the students who buy junk foods frequently.
  • The classes were identified and awareness was created to avoid junk food.
  • our group students along with NGC students concentrate on gardening and cleaning.
  • Our group students along with RSP students learn the importance of avoiding plastics.
  • A speech on the importance of avoiding plastics is given in the assembly.
  • A report is prepared based on the survey done about maintaining cleanliness in the campus and a presentation is created by our students along with media club.
  • Evaluation of the activities done through out the year is prepared. Steps to improve is analysed.

V. Sumathi

G. Jayanthi